PVC Pipe Dog Bed

This DIY project posted on Instructables got me the 10K views badge. I think it was mostly because of the pics of the dogs! We had the brown bed just sitting on the floor, and decided to create a raised platform for it. The platform is made from ¾” PVC pipe fittings, conduit hangers, and a small piece of ½” plywood. Instructions for the build can be found here. Step by Step instructions without images are below.

IMG_2402 IMG_2415 IMG_2420 IMG_2428

Intro: PVC Pipe Raised Dog Bed
I wanted to build a raised dog platform for a roughly 30″ x 40″ dog bed we have. You could easily change the dimensions of this ‘ible to fit any size bed you may have. We have 4 dogs, so this might be the first of many builds of this type for me.

Step 1: Materials
PVC Pipe 3⁄4″: 10x 90 degree, 6x Ts, and approximately 20’ of PVC pipe. *Note, Home Depot sells 24″ lengths of PVC Pipe, which is what I used. Yes, more expensive, but it was easier for me. Also, the picture of the PVC pipe does not show all the quantities needed. Use what is written in the text*

2x Krylon Fusion Spray Paint #2344 Ivy Leaf: I used 2 cans, but probably need one more to make it perfect. This spray paint is made for plastics. 1x ?” – 1⁄2″ Plywood board: For my build, I cut the piece down to 24″ x 36″ (not pictured)

4x Conduit Hangers #1 size: This size worked for me, but you can also check as they are labeled from largest width to smallest width on each hanger. Largest should be 3⁄4″

2x 2 1⁄2″ angle with holes (pictured): I had purchased these at Ace Hardware for another project. I cut these in half using a dremmel, giving me 4 flat pieces with holes in them.

1x 30″ x 40″ dog bed 4x: 1 1⁄2″ 1⁄4 20 screws 4x: 1⁄4 20 nuts
4x: 1⁄4 20 washers

4x Dogs: You may have less or more.

Step 2: Cutting PVC: The End Pieces
You will need to cut the PVC to some specific lengths. The ends of the bed are made by connecting a 24″ length of pipe to two 90 degree turns. Coming out of the 90 degree turns is a piece roughly 3 1⁄2″ long. You will need to cut 8 pieces to this length and 2 pieces to just slightly longer about 4″. The slightly longer pieces will be used for the middle bracing of the bed.

I cut the pieces using a pipe cutter (pictured). It is tedious work. Once you have cut these pieces, you may need to sand the edges to get them to fit into the fitting.

Place a 3.5″ piece coming out of the 90 degree turns, then attach Ts onto them. Attach another 3.5″ piece into the T that is parallel to the other one, then add a 90 degree turn and finally a 24″ length. This should complete one side. You can see what it looks like in the picture above with the piece lying on a yellow sawhorse. Repeat the process for the other side.

Step 3: Cutting the PVC: The Middle
The mlong side of the project is composed of two lengths of PVC measuring about 18″ each. The two lengths are connected using a T, which will face downward. Place the 4″ lengths you cut earlier into the downward facing part of the T. Then place a 90 degree turn and then a 24″ length. This should connect the middle section of the front and back for support.

Step 4: Mount the Plywood
Attach your Conduit Hangers midway between each length of the long side of the bed. Remove the screw from the conduit hanger and put it through one of the holes on the angle you cut into straight pieces. Then replace the screw into the holder and fasten it down as tightly as it can without breaking it. Do this for the remaining conduits hangers.

Next, put your plywood in place in the frame and mark the holes where the angle holes go and drill them out using a 1⁄4″ bit. Using your 1⁄420 screws and nuts, Attach your plywood snugly to the frame. I used washers on the backside of the wood.

Step 5: Spray Paint
The Krylon Fusion is good for plastics. Apply evenly in several coats. I used two cans, but you could probably use more, and I might go back and clean mine up a bit.

Step 6: Place your Dog Bed
I jumped the gun here and took some photos before it was painted. Just imagine it green.

Step 7: Add dogs
If you don’t have dogs already, I recommend you go out and rescue one, or four, today. Enjoy your new raised dog bed.

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