Prusa i3 from RepRapGuru

Having lost access to my beloved 3D printers, I decided it was time to get my own. Having built a Prusa style printer before, I purchased a kit from RepRapGurus, a Prusa i3, which basically the same as my old Prusa (which I donated to my last work place). The build instructions were fairly simple, and working over the course of a few evenings, I was able to get the kit assembled. I chose RepRapGurus because they seemed to have a lot of good customer service reviews, and that decision came in pretty handy.

When first firing up the printer, I received a MINTEMP error, which does not allow much else to happen once you receive this error. I checked the heatbed and extruder block thermistors, and sure enough, the extruder block thermistor was damaged. A quick phone call to RepRapGurus and they had a new thermistor on the way to me that day. Once installed, the machine fired up and was ready to roll.

I’m still having some issues getting the filament to stick to the heatbed, but there are more than enough resources on the interwebs that will give me a suitable solution to this problem. Looking forward to customizing my i3. Check some videos below.

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