Arrived in Boston – Drinking Coffee – NuVu Studio

It’s official. Well, not really official in terms of any sort of legal or binding documentation, but I now reside in Boston, MA. It was a grueling 4 day drive across the country with my two co-pilots, and its something I have not done since my college days driving between Phoenix, AZ and Durham, NC. There was little room for pleasure on the trip, as my goal was simply to get from A to B in the fastest time possible. Starting in Flagstaff, AZ on Day 1, I made my way to pet friendly Best Westerns across the country, first in Amarillo, TX, then Eureka, MO, Mentor, OH on the third day, and arrived in Boston on the 4th day.

With my arrival in the east, the job search has now officially begun. No more telling prospective companies that I’ll be there in a few weeks – nobody wants to hear that. This is a culture of instant gratification.

I have a few leads with which to pursue some opportunities, and I find myself in Cambridge today at the Clover coffee shop waiting to meet with NuVu Studio Founder Saeed Arida. NuVu Studio was mentioned to me by a friend, and I’m very interested in learning more about this interesting school. Basically, NuVu is doing what I’ve been trying to accomplish at my old school, but at a higher level and with a much more focused approach.

NuVu  teaches students problem solving and design skills through innovative technologies, with a pedagogy based on architecture/design school studio culture. Innovative technologies and architecture school studio culture – two things with which I am very familiar!

Unfortunately, Saeed was too busy this morning to meet with me, but we have rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Looking forward to it.

Below is a quick video of one of the more boring parts of my drive across country. Put my two co-pilots right to sleep.

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