Boston Makers and CWB Architects

Last week I found my way down to Boston Makers, continuing a search for a proper makerspace in the Boston area. Boston Makers recently moved into their new CityPOP space located in Jamaica Plain. The space is small, formerly the place of business of a convenience store, but has all the normal tools of the trade one would expect. Walking in last Wednesday evening there were a handful of people learning how to use a new FormLabs 3D printer. I hung around and watched as they pushed through the printing process and talked to several members of the group. At present there is no cost to use the space, which is pretty remarkable and an obvious reason as to why this place has garnered my interest. I will be back tomorrow for their Volunteer Orientation meeting.

On the architecture front, I met with John from CWB Architects last Friday in the South End. DWB is based in New York, but John is looking to expand their presence in the Boston market. He comes out to Boston once or twice a week to move that venture forward. I was introduced to John through a friend I played soccer with and I’m glad we were able to meet the other day. CWB does a wide variety of work, however, their bread and butter has been updating brownstones in Brooklyn – something the firm has become very good at doing. We walked from his small office, which isn’t even staffed at the moment, as he’s the only one working on the Boston aspect for his firm, to Cafe Nero so he could grab some lunch. We talked for about an hour about all things Boston, and in the end he seems like a good contact for me to have in my pocket. Some future possibilities for working with him may exist, I’ll just have to wait and see.

In other job news, I have a meeting with Nader Tehrani this Thursday. This was arranged through my wife’s cousin who grew up with Nader. I’ve heard he is a very interesting individual, and look forward to meeting him. Additionally, two friends have contacted me regarding some friends they may know in the area. First, my friend Brian from Phoenix began working for Shepley Bullfinch. Bullfinch is based in Boston, but have a satellite office in Phoenix. The second opportunity comes from Ashleigh’s friend’s husband who works construction. He knows of some firms in the area and is making contact for me. Who knows what will happen?

Lastly, Ashleigh and I went to Regina’s in the North End to sample their well documented pizza. It’s supposed to be some of the best pizza in Boston, and I was pretty happy with mine. I ordered a sausage pizza, while Ashleigh had the Margherita. The sausage pizza had big slices of sausage with onions and green peppers under a smooth blanket of cheese. The crust was crispy and the sauce was a little sweet. The combination of it all blended nicely. That can’t be said for Ash’s margherita. It was certainly good, but I’ve had better. I think the sweet pizza sauce just does not work very well for that type of pizza, which requires something tangy. We also sampled Regina’s Home Brew, which was not my favorite beer. It’s a light beer with a bitter finish, and did not provide for easy drinking with our pizza. Still, I’d definitely go back as I thought my pizza was delicious, and I really liked the ambience of the place.

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