An Architecture Marriage and Star Trek at 50

Last week Ash and I headed to Chicago for the wedding of our good friend Jax and Creese. It was a pleasure to be one of the groomsmen, which meant I had to rent a tux; first time since college I believe. We arrived Thursday afternoon and after getting my tux and settling in, we were ready to check out some places for dinner. We headed north down Sedgewick and eventually ran into the Twin Anchors, a local bar restaurant. Twin Anchors has existed for 82 years, and has a great old school solid wood bar, a nice neighborhood feel, and what appeared to be giant hunks of steaks and ribs being served to patrons around the restaurant. We just stopped in for drinks, but were glad we found this place – definitely worth checking out next time we are in Chicago.

For dinner we tried to get a table at the Chicago Pizza and Overn Grinder Company, but the wait was just too long. We found a nice Italian restaurant around the corner, Ricardo’s Trattoria, and have a lovely meal there instead Check out the lamb shank and risotto in the pictures – gigantic and tasty. We headed home and continued to enjoy the 50th Star Trek Anniversary marathon on BBC America – we are forever Trekkies.

The next morning we woke up and decided to walk around the city before the rehearsal dinner which started around 6pm. We ended up making our way to the Lincoln Park Zoo, and were really impressed. I think Ash liked the seals quite a bit, especially the underwater viewing area.

I’d suggest there are some issues with the big cats areas (Lions and Tigers) as the amount of pacing around by the Tiger was a bit unsettling – he did not look happy. Eventually we made our way back to our B&B and took a brief rest before heading back out for the rehearsal. We got through the rehearsal rather quickly, and then headed to Orso’s for the dinner. Another great, old, little Italian restaurant that did not disappoint.

Saturday morning we awoke and headed to the Conservatory to check out the beautiful old glass and steel structure, and see the exotic plants. We especially loved the Fern Room, and the small tiny, plastic dinosaurs that had placed throughout. Needing to be with the groom around 1pm, I went home to get ready. I met Chris and the rest of the groomsmen at his apartment, and we eventually walked to the wedding, which was held at St. Alphonsus church (patron saint of arthritis, obviously). We looked like the guys in Reservoir Dogs, except with tuxes.

The wedding went without a hitch and we headed to Floating World Gallery for the reception. Chris and Jackie had helped decorate the space themselves, and the cake – looked like sleek, modern cylinders, one on top of the other as only architects would do. In attendance were many architect friends of the couple, and you could hear conversations about concrete v steel and dealing with clients. Also famous architect Will Bruder, Jackie’s former employer, was in attendance – dressed in all black in case somebody was unsure of his profession.

The highlight of the reception would have to be the meat shack – a literal cart of meats and assorted appetizers. Sausages hung from the top of the car, and we just broke off pieces with our hands. It was wonderful.

Ash and I took an late morning flight home the following day, and were still able to relax at home for a bit before Sunday truly came to a close. During our trip I was notified that I would be have a phone conversation with somebody from HR at Shepley Bullfinch, and architecture firm here in Boston. Well, that call happened today and seemed to get well. Hopefully, something will come from it.

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