The Comeback

Apparently last week truly marked the end of summer here in Boston – not the Labor Day weekend. As of yesterday a lot of the summer activities here in Boston have shut down, such as the Harbor Ferries. Perhaps it is fitting that today is gray, cloudy, and rainy. Last week began a bit slow for us, with not much on the table. My continued job search prospects looked a bit shaky at the beginning of the week, but as the week drew to a close, there were some opportunities that look promising.

I was fortunate to respond to a job search from a small office called CUBE Research + Design. Looking through their website, I loved their clean and elegant design sensibility. What really got me was many of their projects, especially single family residential, had a hint of mid-century modern embedded within the work. This really drew me into their projects, and I was hoping to have a chance to talk with them about some possible opportunities.

As luck would have it, I was contacted by Chris Johns from the Boston office, and asked to come in for a meeting. So, on Friday I headed down Summer Street delighted to be able to meet with CUBE. We chatted for about an hour regarding my past experiences and jobs, and looked at some of my work materials. Chris showed me around the office and then we sat at his computer and he showed me several of his projects – nearly all of them really. We spent almost 2 hours looking over their past and current projects – some really thoughtful work, I was impressed. So, after nearly 3 hours of hanging out at CUBE and meeting with Chris I left feeling confident, but know they will be looking at other talented candidates.

In addition to CUBE, my good friend Daniel was able to email a few larger firms on my behalf. Two of them responded right away, and as of right now, I have scheduled a meeting at Elkus Manfredi Architects for Tuesday the 27th. Hoping to have a few more meetings scheduled by the end of the week.

Apart from the job search I asked Adam for possible tickets to Yankees v Red Sox on Thursday night, and of course he obliged and gave Ash and I two great seats on the third base side. Fenway is a great place to be, even if you don’t love baseball. The evening was nice and crisp, cold but not too cold.

Ash at Fenway, the Green Monster in the background.

At the top of the 7th the Yankees were leading by about 4 runs, and it was already getting pretty late so we decided to make our way home. We stopped in for a quick dinner and then took an Uber back to Lexington. Once home I checked the score of the game to find that the Sox had come back in dramatic fashion to win. Adam said it was the best comeback in many years. Oh well. Highlights below. 

On Saturday, Ash and I went to seek out some authentic Mexican food. I’ve been told that its pretty impossible to find the quality we were accustomed to in Arizona, but there was promise with Taqueria Mexico in Waltham. It was located in a run down area of Waltham, which made me think this might be the real deal. We ordered some beers and they brought us chips and salsa. We sat outside on a nice patio on a warm afternoon. The chips and salsas were quite good. They had one spicy salsa and one more traditional style salsa. Both excellent. The food was good, but not quite the same as we can get from home. I had a taco and enchilada, and they were good. The beans were not quite right, nor was the rice. I’d definitely go back, but I’m still left missing that part of home.

After our Mexican food we headed to South Boston for the American Field Boston event at the Design Center. American Field is a pop up market for handmade goods made in America. It was quite the hipster crowd on the 7th floor of the Drydock Building, and while there were certainly some nice items, we did not end up making any purchases.

It was a pretty lazy Sunday for us, lounging around the sofa most of the day, although we did walk to Wilson Farms and back to get some items for dinner.

Our busy Sunday schedule.

Well, as always, hopefully there will be more to report next week.

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