Ramping Up

Another week and another interview. On Friday I met with Guy Grassi from Grassi Design. Grassi Design mostly does high end residential architecture in many different styles, from Craftsman, Colonial, to Modern. Their offices are located at 46 Waltham in the South End, which is a small office complex housing several design and architecture offices (It’s actually the same complex where I met John from CWB Architects a few weeks ago). Our meeting went very well, and I’m hopeful something positive will come from it, although there was one rather large embarrassing moment. I had been working on my computer all day at my favorite coffee shop, JAHO, in Chinatown, and by the time I got to my 7:30pm meeting with Guy Grassi my computer was dead – meaning no portfolio to show him. Guy was extremely patient with me despite this ridiculous mishap on my part, and we used his iPad to pull up my portfolio from my website. Crisis averted, but lesson learned.

Why was I working all day on my computer? Well, I’ve been given some part-time work from my good friends Olga and Daniel St. Claire of SDS Architects. Olga and Daniel have really been amazing in helping me find my way in the architecture world of Boston, and have reached out to their friends to get me some meetings. Recently, Olga asked me to help her with some projects she is working on, so I went with her on Friday to visit a client, take some measurements, and spent the day putting as builts together. It was great to finally have some architecture work to do, and it might be nice to have some side projects once I gain full time employment.

On Saturday evening Ash and I went into Boston to have dinner and some drinks. We started with cocktails at Anchovies. This small, Italian food bar/restaurant in the South End is really cozy and unpretentious. The bar is fun, friendly, and dollar friendly. We will definitely be coming back. We did not have any food, but from what we saw, the plates looked delicious. Anchovies has been added to the rotation, awesome little place.

After Anchovies we headed to The Salty Pig. This is a much more upscale restaurant compared to Anchovies, and serves pastas, pizza, and their signature charcuterie plates. For charcuterie, you can choose from a selection of meats, cheeses, and extras (like almonds), and they prepare a personalized board with all your selections. I was really happy with our board, which also comes with spicy mustard, pickles, and bread. The pizza was good, but did not blow me away. This place was really all about the charcuterie for me. Additionally, they deserve some points for friendly service. We were seated at the bar, and one of the bartenders we were chatting with accidentally knocked a glass over and it broke and fell on Ashleigh. It was really no big deal at all, but they comp’d our drinks despite us saying it was unnecessary. Would go back for a drink and charcuterie plate for sure!

This week I have one interview with Elkus Manfredi at 7:30am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. This was put together by Daniel and Olga, so I’m looking forward to this interview. I’ll have to be up pretty early in the morning to get myself to South Boston by 7:30!

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