It was a short work week for me, as CBT called the day at 2pm on Wednesday to allow everybody to head towards their families for the Thanksgiving holiday. We were still speeding toward a deadline, trying to get some renderings out to the client so they could make some decisions on finishes. Having put in some longs hours over the course of the last week, it was nice to get a break.

Simon stole a cracker but was to embarrassed to eat it when caught.
Ash cuddles her favorite pups

Usually we head to Flagstaff, Arizona for Thanksgiving with my family. Obviously, being 2,300+ miles away has made that a bit difficult this year, and so we opted to stay in Boston for the holiday and the long weekend. My good friend Adam invited us over to share Thanksgiving with his family, which also included his father Ned, Aunt Joan, Candy, and the little girls, Stella and Lu. It was a very nice evening, great food, and always nice to catch up with our good friends. It was very kind of them to include us in their family dinner.

I think Adam’s daughter Lu took a selfie with my phone when I wasn’t looking

After a great night on Thursday we had another friend, Scott, stay with us Friday evening through Saturday afternoon. Having not seen Scott for quite some time, it was nice to sit on the couch and enjoy some beverages before heading out for a nice dinner in Cambridge at Puritan & Co. followed by drinks with his sister at a few local watering holes in that area. Puritan & Co. had some rather delicious dinner rolls, and we were pleased with the Pork Belly Pancake (with fried oysters) and the Roasted Brussel Sprouts – really good.

The next day Scott and I watched some EPL games in the morning, and then headed to the South Street Diner for a quick lunch before walking across the street to South Station so he could get on his train back to New York. The South Street Diner is an old 50’s diner that is open 24/7. Food is basic diner fare, and will not win any awards, but I enjoyed the atmosphere – even though the bench seats did not seem to have enough seat for a comfortable sit. Needed 2-3 more inches, I guess people were a bit smaller back in the day.

After dropping off Scott at South Station, we had yet another friend in town, and we were excited to spend some time with Eric and Erin, good friends from Arizona. They had spend the weekend up north traveling through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine, and were back in Boston for a few hours before their plane departed. We met at Faneuil Hall, and then walked down towards the North End to find  spot to grab a drink and some food. We ended up at the Corner Cafe and had a few Sam Adam Winter Lagers before walking to the West End and grabbing a snack at Tavern. We ordered the Truffle Tots, and they must have used a snow shovel to put these things on a plate. I’ve never seen so many tater tots in my life. All 4 of us picked at the tots during our time there, and we barely made a dent.  So. Many. Tots.

Ash and I spent the day running a few errands today, and now we are home cooking and putting up some Christmas lights. I’ve put a large Chuck Roast in the sous vide cooker, and it will spend about 6 hours in there, so I’m expecting some good results.


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