The Weather Outside is Frightful

Winter has finally arrived here in Boston. We’ve already had our first (and second) snows, and last weekends low temperatures reminded me why people live in Arizona. Still, the cold weather has not defeated me yet, in fact, I find it quite pleasant to come home to our comfy little house and start a fire in the living room. There are still deadlines to be hit at work, and we again had some visitors this this weekend, so things are staying pretty busy in New England.

Last week I finally had the chance to visit the building I’ve been working on, Devlin Hall at Boston College. It was good to walk around and orient myself with the actual space, and I’m glad Chad took me along for the site visit. We did have some business on our schedule, starting with a short meeting with the client regarding interior finishes. We met at St. Mary’s, the Jesuit residence which was recently refurbished, to look at some of the wood finishes. It’s a really beautiful old building, and I’d love to spend time in that sitting room – felt like I was a Duke in England. Just needed some hunting dogs and a giant turkey leg. After discussing the finishes at St. Mary’s, we then headed over to Devlin and took some measurements and looked inside some of the old walls.

St. Mary’s, Jesuit Residence at Boston College
My parents came for a visit over the weekend, and got a little more than they expected with the weather. It was pretty chilly over the weekend, but that did not stop us from walking all over the city in an effort to show them around Boston. Friday evening we headed to Back Bay for a steak dinner at Abe and Louie’s, with Frank and I sharing a Bone In Ribeye – it was delicious. Again, it’s no Durants, but I think it’s probably the closest you can get in Boston.

Saturday we were lucky to meet with Adam for a tour of Fenway Park. It was the first day to buy season tickets at Fenway, so there were a lot of activities happening on the grounds. We walked all around Fenway, including up to the Green Monster, which I have not been up to before. Great view of the ballpark from up there, but we didn’t linger too long, as the cold wind was a bit much for us up there.

We headed back to our house during the late afternoon and were surprised to be gifted a new smoker from my parents. They had it shipped to a local Ace Hardware, and we are really looking forward to smoking some meats this winter! We were also gifted some amazing cook books, including Anthony Bourdain’s Appetites, Steve Raichlen’s Project Smoke, and an American Cake Cookbook for Ash which offers recipes of American cakes through the decades.

Some of the crew began wearing cold weather gear this weekend
Saturday night ended with a nice dinner at Vinoteca Monica and then a nightcap at Four Winds. We ended up walking up and down Newbury on Sunday afternoon working up an appetite for our dinner at Island Creek Oyster Bar. The oysters were delicious and were the highlight of the meal for me.

My parents leave Boston this afternoon, so we are going to try and sneak another meal in before they go. I think we will head into the North End and look for something tasty to eat there, should be pretty easy.

Look at these two popsicles

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