White Christmas

Well, it wasn’t much of a white Christmas here in Boston, but it was still lovely to have 3 days off and spend some time at home and relax. It seems Boston was a ghost town last week, and this week leading up the New Year holiday looks equally as dead. It certainly makes for a nice commute to work, however, I am certain the regular volume of people will be packing themselves onto the T once again after Jan 1.

While snow was not in the story line this year, it was still a bit chilly. Yet, with our new 1/4 chord of wood from Beech Hill Firewood, we were cozy and warm with a crackling fireplace all weekend.We did not stay inside all weekend, however, as we purchased tickets for the new Star Wars movie, Rogue One, and went to an 8pm showing at the Burlington theater. We arrived just a bit early to sample the bar selections, but were gutted to find no alcohol in site – the bar was closed. Nonetheless, we enjoyed the reclining seats and the latest chapter in the Star Wars saga.

For Christmas Eve we booked a table at Marliave, one of the oldest restaurants in the city, for a classic meal at an iconic restaurant. I’ll admit it was not my favorite meal, but the oysters were delicious and the cocktails were well concocted – I tried the Bourbon Democrat and was pleased with the selection.

After dinner we settled on a nightcap at The Last Hurrah. They were closing up shop, so we did not spend much time there. Just enough to finish our drinks and take photographs for some fairly inebriated patrons. They asked us to take a photo of them in the lobby, and a few minutes later asked us again to take a photo in the bar area as if we had never seen each other before.

With our new smoker, we attempted to make a porchetta for Christmas dinner. We purchased a pork tenderloin and a pork belly at Prime, a butcher shop in Arlington. Incredible selection there, and certainly a place I’ll return. They even had a nice selection of wine and whiskey, saving us a stop on the way home. The porchetta turned out really well, but the belly is just so rich, it’s hard to eat too much of it. The tenderloin had a ton of smokey flavor, really delicious. Using the smoker has been exceptionally easy, and produces some delicious meats.

I’m back in the office today, and headed to Boston Barber during lunch for a quick haircut. The banter in there between the barbers is great – deep Boston accents talking about suspect North End activities. I’m heading to a comedy show with Adam on Thurs, and then we are having dinner at his house on Friday.

Additionally, I’ve picked up a small side gig helping Olga and Dan draw plans for an addition to their house. It’s good practice for me, and I’m looking forward to helping them with their project.

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