Another revolution around our star Sun came to an end on a completely arbitrary day marked by a completely arbitrary year. Ash and I spent the holiday extended weekend at home, cooking extensive dinners, and having quiet cocktail hours by the fire. We also took a drive up to Gloucester, MA on New Years Day, walked among the lobster boats, and stood at the edge of the shore on the beach looking east. Gloucester is a wonderful New England town, and even though the wind was whipping off the ocean that day, it was still a pleasant visit.

The week after vacation was tiresome at work, as our CD deadline for the Devlin Project at BC was Friday. The team spent long days at work, usually 8am – 10pm each day. We were able to send out our CD set around 6pm on Friday, a little later than our noon goal, but a few late hiccups with Revit required our attention late in the day. Nonetheless, the set was sent out and I’m quite happy with the completion of drawings on my first set in quite a long time. Not sure what will come next, most likely CA work with the Devlin project, but we will see.

We had a lot of snow over the weekend, so we spent a fair amount of our time indoors. That did not stop me from taking my usual morning runs on Saturday and Sunday, but the snow seemed to inspire the pups to more napping than usual. I spent a good deal of time working on a side project for my friends Olga and Dan, so the snow was probably a good thing – keeping me in my work chair throughout the weekend.

This week will be a short week, as I will be traveling to Las Vegas on Friday morning to play in the Kings Cup with the MUSA 35 team. I always enjoy playing with this squad, and am looking forward to seeing the team again. My father will be joining in Vegas, and two friends will be staying Friday night through Saturday afternoon, so it will be good to catch up with all of them.

Also, Lu used Ferg to stay warm.

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