So hard to stay on top of these posts – weeks keep seeming to fly by faster. Before I know it, many weeks have passed without a posting. Since my last post I’ve traveled to Vegas for a soccer tournament, purchased plane tickets to Israel, and begun the search for a new home.

The team traveled to Vegas over the MLK Holiday. We stayed at the Aria, and I shared a room with my father who came up for the tournament – my mom was in Nebraska visiting family. I think this team has a lot more talent than our Chile team, and hopefully we will get some more practices under out belt before heading to Israel this summer. It’s a great group of guys, and I had a lot of fun playing over the weekend. My body seemed to hold up pretty well – unusual for me – and I returned home with just some minor bumps and bruises. The hardest part of the trip was the flight home, which arrived in Boston around 1:30am. Having planned ahead, I booked a hotel at the Club Quarters, which is not too far from my office. It allowed me to get to sleep a bit faster, and sleep in a bit longer before heading to work the next (that same) day.

I will not go on a rant about how terrible Vegas is, but it’s pretty terrible. I did not enjoy any part of it – the city that is – and hope never to return. I just do not understand the appeal. That being said, it was nice to spend some time with my father – we ate oysters and had some fantastic Italian food off strip.

Ash and I finally purchased out tickets to Israel – we are flying El Al, which actually has a direct Boston to Israel flight. They partner with Jet Blue, and Boston is a hub for Jet Blue so it makes sense. It was not the cheapest flight, but I think it will be worth not having other stops. We also made reservations at a hotel, the Dan Boutique. It seems close to the center of town and the old quarter, so I think we will be in good shape.

We have spent a fair amount of time lately looking at new homes to buy. We’ve made the decision to try and live as close into the city as possible, and are content to own a condo. We’ve looked at a couple of different areas, including Cambridge, Sommerville, Charlestown, and East Boston. East Boston is by far my favorite – the real estate is a bit cheaper, but that area of town still has a bit of an edge, unlike Charlestown. Cambridge and Sommerville are hit and miss, but can be quite expensive. We are still keeping our options open, but have not found anything we love quite yet.

At work we’ve submitted our documents for bidding on the BC Devlin project, and I will be working CA on that project once it gets into construction. For now I’ve been helping with the Babson College Residential Masterplan and also a very small renovation at BC which is placing a small lounge area inside a dormitory. The dorm is quite old and has no real facilities available for residents, so this will certainly be a welcome addition to the building.


I started writing this post but never actually published it a few weeks ago. Since then I have worked on two new projects – BC Kostka and Wework, and had an offer rejected on a condo in East Boston. Today Ash and I looked at another place in East Boston and are going back tomorrow with our agent. It needs a lot of work – but is close to the T and is a single family home. On a whim, Ash and I went to Salem this afternoon for lunch. I had never been before, and really enjoyed being there. I especially enjoyed the historic colonial homes, really beautiful. Additionally, I’ve started volunteering once a week at Artisan’s Asylum – see image below of giant Snow Man I stumbled upon the other day while walking through there.

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