It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks, as Ash and I have finally closed and moved into our new home in East Boston. Probably more safe to say the home is new to us, but certainly not new, as it was built in 1907. We are very happy to have our own place in Boston, and are excited to be much closer to the city.

We bought a house – in 1947.

There was a small scare the other day, as one of our dogs, Simon, fell down some stairs and must have been knocked unconscious. I was pretty sure he was dead when I found him, and it took him quite a while to recover. Luckily, the little guy pulled through, and soon after he was up and about as if nothing had happened. I do notice, however there is a bit of apprehension on his part when approaching the stairs. To be expected I guess.

Our new home is located in the Orient Heights neighborhood of East Boston, which is 4 stops on the Blue Line from downtown Boston – not too bad! We have a small yard with a porch, and nearly a view of the city. My commute to work has gone from over an hour each way to just 25 minutes door to door. Unfortunately, Ashleigh’s commute has become much longer – but having our own place makes up for her time spent on the road.

Construction Administration has begun on the Devlin project at work, and RFI and Submittals have started to come in already. We are in a preconstruction phase, with minor demo work happening, but the majority of construction will begin once school lets out. At that point, there will be a tight schedule to have everything up and running before classes resume in August.


In addition, I’ve started my Deskie hours at Artisan’s Asylum. This just means that I work the front desk from 6-10pm on Thursday nights in order to get a subsidized membership. It’s also a good way to meet new people, and still feel like I’m part of makerspace. Still have not had a chance to make anything here, but soon enough.

All for now.

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