It seems that in an instant Spring has sprung in Boston. Perhaps it is silly to say such a thing, as the weather here changes on a whim, but it was nearly 90 degrees the other day. It was rather gorgeous temperature wise over the weekend, and it was nice to sit in the backyard during the late afternoon and relax with a cold beer. I can see plenty of that happening during the summer.

Tomorrow CBT is sending me on my own to a meeting of some importance, and because my boss is out of town, their must be a great deal of apprehension on their end, as well as from the contractor and our consultants. I’m just hoping not to screw up too much. Doubt anybody is going to cut off my tie when I return to the office. On the plus side, I’ve used the company 3D printer to print a large pot so I can have an office plant. Came out very nice!


On Monday I had lunch with a former student, Gabe, and we tried the new downtown location for Chicken and Rice Guys. Reading the news the next day, I saw that people were getting E.Coli from Chicken and Rice Guys and several had to be hospitalized. So far no issues for me. As for Gabe, also no E.Coli, but he is working on bringing a new product to market – the Coffee Cookie. It’s a small rechargeable heating device to keep your coffee hotter longer. It slides underneath the paper cups you get from typical coffee shops like Starbucks. He is hoping to sell 1,000 of these devices, and I’ve offered to help him with assembly once he receives all his parts from China.

All of our stuff has finally been moved out of our old place in Lexington, and we are fully moved into our home in East Boston. We made several trips over the weekend, and Ash did a final walkthrough with our landlord the other day. We got our deposit back, so everything seems to be in order. We have a 3 day weekend because of Patriots Day here in Boston, and we are hoping to get a lot of housework done.

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