We reached our deadline at work on Friday, and while the crew went out to celebrate, I stayed behind to finish up some other work that needed to get done. During the day, two of our dogs, Simon and Lulu were scheduled for some dental work. Lulu apparently went first, and after having ten teeth removed, the dental machine broke, so Simon was spared the experience.

Ash met me after work and we went to Bond for a cocktail. I believe this place was an old bank building, and the space itself was quite beautiful, very high ceilings, low booths. A man from Florida and his wife who were sitting adjacent to use, bought Ash and I a round of drinks, saying we looked like a lovely couple. This has happened to us a few times, it must have something to do with Ash. After drinks we headed to Legal Waterfront for some oysters and clam chowder. A very Boston evening indeed.

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