A little over a week to go for a new deadline on documents for a residential hall. It’s not very much work, just need to make sure everything is coordinated. It’s actually a nice little lull in work at the moment, as I’m between a few projects starting and stopping. Got a haircut today, walked to the North End and went to Boston Barbers. I like going in the back entrance to the second floor, less busy. Walked right in and sat down immediately. The speed at which these guys work is mesmerizing, and the best part of the cut for me is the straight razor on the back of the neck, followied by alcohol, then talc. It feels great.

After work I went to the Asylum to work my desk shift. We trained a Newkie, new Deskie, and talked to people about the new bylaws vote that is ongoing. I voted yes, but there are a lot of people who are voting no on the measure. Not sure what either outcome will bring for the Asylum. Arrived home around 10:30pm, another very long day. Had a quick dinner and went to bed.

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