Royal India

Another week come and gone, and with a relatively light work week I used the time today to go over my drawings to try and limit mistakes for our check set Tuesday. Ash had a conference all day in Lexington, so we decided she should bring home dinner from one of our favorite Indian food restaurants, Royal India Bistro, located in the heart of downtown Lexington, MA. We ate there many times while we lived in Lexington, so it was nice to have a reason to eat their food again. Tomorrow we are going to work on booking our flights to Europe and some home improvement projects. No flight training scheduled this weekend.


A little over a week to go for a new deadline on documents for a residential hall. It’s not very much work, just need to make sure everything is coordinated. It’s actually a nice little lull in work at the moment, as I’m between a few projects starting and stopping. Got a haircut today, walked to the North End and went to Boston Barbers. I like going in the back entrance to the second floor, less busy. Walked right in and sat down immediately. The speed at which these guys work is mesmerizing, and the best part of the cut for me is the straight razor on the back of the neck, followied by alcohol, then talc. It feels great.

After work I went to the Asylum to work my desk shift. We trained a Newkie, new Deskie, and talked to people about the new bylaws vote that is ongoing. I voted yes, but there are a lot of people who are voting no on the measure. Not sure what either outcome will bring for the Asylum. Arrived home around 10:30pm, another very long day. Had a quick dinner and went to bed.


Wednesday is Santarpio’s night with Ash. It tends to be a long day for me, as I go straight from work to the Brookline Teen Center to help the high school students with their Tier 2 classes for middle school students. Currently, they are working on building an RC plane, an electric scooter, battlebots, and an architecture project. After the teen center I head back to Eastie, green to blue, and meet Ash at the Airport stop. We then walk over to Santarpio’s for pizza, beer, and a grilled sausage from Lefty. We love sitting at the bar and having dinner there each week.


Not much to report from today. Another gray and very rainy day here in Boston. Continued at work on a residential hall renovation and then came home and attempted to make a spicy Szechuan soup with cabbage, onions, and chicken. It turned out pretty good, and I have some leftovers which I will eat later in the week.


With our DD deadline complete last Friday, I refocused my work on a residence hall at Babson College. We are not the prime on this job, its a design build, so we are helping the contractor, Shawmut. It is gray and rainy here today, but there is something nice about those kind of days. We continued to look for flights to Europe this summer, but have not settled on anything yet, although we are now looking at options via Norwegian Airlines. Their Premium cabin is not very expensive, so hopefully we can find something that works, and will get us to Krakow in time for the wedding. Homemade Szechuan chicken again tonight…so good.


Today I awoke early for an 8am flight lesson at Norwood. I had a new instructor, Jake, and we began a full lesson of pattern work – making sure I know how to fly in the pattern and teaching me how to land the airplane. I got the hang of the pattern fairly quickly, but landing is a different animal. The last 10 feet is what gives me trouble, but hopefully with enough practice I will feel comfortable. Bounced off the runway a few times today, but made at least 1 good landing.

Took a tun once I came home from flying, and then Ash and I headed to Kelly’s Square Pub to watch throwball – Jags v Patriots. Probably the first full game I’ve seen in several years; don’t think I’m missing much. Ended our evening early at home to get ready for the work week. Hoping to hear some good news soon.



Got up this morning and took my usual weekend run from Orient Heights to Revere Beach. Sped up video below. Took a walk with Ash to Adrianna’s for some coffee and to talk about our upcoming trip to Poland this summer. Trying to figure out the logistics of getting to Wroclaw cheaply.

In the afternoon I went to the Brookline Teen Center to teach my coding class, this was the first class of a 4 week session. The students were motivated and interested in the material, which always makes life easier. We made a quick race car game using Scratch.

After class I headed over to Adam’s house to say Happy Birthday. He had just come home from a short trip, and I just wanted to stop by quickly and say hello. His girls baked him a nice chocolate cake, and he was taking them to have sushi for dinner.

In the evening, Ash and I drove to Winthrop to have dinner at Rosetti’s, however, upon arriving, it was made clear to us that without a reservation we would not be be seated until very late. The place smelled amazing, so I look forward to planning ahead next time and tasting some of their food.

We ended up at a Mexican place called La Siesta. For Boston Mexican food it was good, and I’d be happy to go back. Our evening started early, and therefore ended early, as I had to get up at the crack of dawn for a flying lesson.


We reached our deadline at work on Friday, and while the crew went out to celebrate, I stayed behind to finish up some other work that needed to get done. During the day, two of our dogs, Simon and Lulu were scheduled for some dental work. Lulu apparently went first, and after having ten teeth removed, the dental machine broke, so Simon was spared the experience.

Ash met me after work and we went to Bond for a cocktail. I believe this place was an old bank building, and the space itself was quite beautiful, very high ceilings, low booths. A man from Florida and his wife who were sitting adjacent to use, bought Ash and I a round of drinks, saying we looked like a lovely couple. This has happened to us a few times, it must have something to do with Ash. After drinks we headed to Legal Waterfront for some oysters and clam chowder. A very Boston evening indeed.

Day to Day

Not much to mention for today. Spent a good portion of the work day going over architecture sheets and looking for minor mistakes to correct before our deadline – mispellings, covered dimensions, etc. Fairly unexciting. A bit strange as I’ve been asked to help out a team that has been working on this project for some time, hard for me to understand much about the project, and so am relegated to some fairly menial tasks. No matter, happy to help in any capacity.

I came home and uploaded the full length video of my last flight lesson in super fast mode. It’s fun to watch an hour or so flight in just a few minutes. Should be linked in below.

Szechuan Chicken!

Today I continued work on a new project, well at least new to me. Still helping a team here get DD documents done by the end of the week. I get a daily email from Instructables that highlights interesting projects, and noticed an ‘ible for making Szechuan chicken. I’ve been interested in learning how to make this dish, which I first had at the Szechuan Palace at the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, AZ. It’s like crispy, spicy, chicken, but the most notable flavor/sensation is the tongue numbing feeling this dish provides. Turns out this is due to the use of Szechuan Peppercorns. At lunch today I took the Orange Line over to Chinatown and stopped at the Jia Ho Supermarket and picked up some of that magical spice, along with some other ingredients. I was skeptical I would be able to recreate that dish, but the Instructable was spot on, and it came out nearly identical to what I remember ordering. A definite new addition to my rotation.

It is supposed to snow tomorrow, and my good friend Scott Weiss will be in town visiting. He will stay with us tomorrow night and hopefully join for our weekly pilgrammage to Santarpio’s!