Noah Lewkowitz

Thank you for visiting my website. My name is Noah Lewkowitz (link to my CV). Recently, my wife and I decided to move to Boston, MA where she will begin work as an Audiologist specializing in Cochlear Implants at Boston Children’s Hospital. This is her dream job, so it was easy for us to make the decision to move from my native Arizona to a place a few thousand miles away. This is an exciting time in our lives, and while we (which includes our 3 chihuahuas and 1 Frenchie) will miss our favorite food, Mexican, we look forward to becoming part of the Boston community.

I carry an interesting skill set, ranging from my time working in architecture and construction offices, learning to teach high school, and embracing the Maker Movement. My background in architecture and design has given me a visual and practical appreciation for problem solving, while working on a high end residential (Architect Wendell Burnett’s Desert Courtyard House) construction site gave me a comfort level with DIY projects that would have normally been out of my range. Now, as a teacher of technology and innovation, my job enables me to get students interested in the value of coding, circuitry and CAD (the 3 Cs). In my classroom, students are taught 2D and 3D software modeling, basic coding, simple circuitry, problem solving, and the power of curiosity.

Additional to my professional pursuits, I have been coaching Varsity soccer at my high school alma mater for over 12 years, the last 3 as the Head Varsity Soccer Coach. The team has won 1 state championship with me as Head Coach (although I have been a part of 5 of the school’s 6 state championships, 1 as a player, 3 as Assistant Coach, and 1 as Head Coach), and been one of the dominant soccer programs in the state of Arizona during that time. Coaching has given me a great deal of leadership skills, including time management and budget accountability. Please see the team’s website, whose content I generate after each game.

Whether it is architecture, design, teaching, or making, I believe my unique skill set can be applied to a wide variety of professions, and am looking for the right fit. My hope is to find a collaborative, fast paced, forward thinking, and hands on opportunity in the Boston area.

Thank you very much for visiting my website. Please feel free to contact me anytime at


Noah Lewkowitz