Chicos de la Calle

This project was composed an Universidad Torcuado di Tella in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in a joint studio with other ASU graduate students and local Argentine graduate students. This particular project was a group project with Chris Cordell and Martin Huberman. It is an exploration of diagramming a site and creating a program based on loosely defined client needs, in this case the non profit group Chicos de la Calle. Our group decided to focus our diagrams on doors, voids, and signs. Our explorations led us to conclude the Chicos needed both a public face and a place to call their own, one with a lot of visual exposure and no doors to lock them out, and one that could occupy an existing void (a freeway overpass). Thus, Club Athletico Chicos de la Calle (CACDLC) was born. The modular waffle deck shelters courts below and can accommodate sports or classrooms in the tensile structures above. It is a place for the Chicos to gather and grow, and hopefully better their situation with the awareness and help of the community.


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