Desert Courtyard House

During my time with The Construction Zone, I was fortunate enough to work on a 7,200 sf residential building designed by Architect Wendell Burnette. My job was as Assistant to the Project Manager, and daily activities included CAD details, dealing with RFIs, scheduling subs, assisting the Architect with detail drawings, and sometimes grabbing a grinder and helping out the crew.

The residence used rammed earth walls and steel cladding to enclose a 7,200 sf space which included cinema room, library, workout center, and spa. Of the many notable elements in this house, the bathroom shower wall, which extended roughly 12 feet in length could open up into a small courtyard, allowing the client to shower outside. The heavy stone door used hydraulics, enabling just about anybody to easily open and shut the massive door.

Of the many specific issues I helped solve, the supports for the spa glass chair was one of the most challenging. The glass chair needed metal supports fit to specific angles so it could sit below the water line, with just 3 metal supports coming from the wall. The angles of the supports were very difficult to get exact, you can see some images and drawings below.

Additionally, another difficult problem was that of helping the architect design each door pull. There were over 25 door pulls in the house, and each one was different. Each was made out of a solid block of brass, and we had to give precise drawings to the metal working guys so they could be fabricated. It was a great relief once these were finally finished!

Desert Courtyard House Pinnacle-desert_courtyard1 PORTADA_Desert_Courtyard_03

The home is located in Carefree, Arizona, and took nearly 7 years to construct, however, I was only involved in the project for 1 year.

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