DIY Barn Door

I saw a nice barn door design at a friend’s house and wanted to get my hands dirty creating my own version. For this build, I used ¾” steel plumbing pipe to act as a guide for the door – no weight is actually resting on the steel pipe, it only acts as a guide. The door was attached to the pipe using eye bolts. The door itself consists of 4  4×8 sheets of ¾” mdf, glued and bolted together. The door must weigh about 300 lbs, and sits on top of two small casters, each with a 250 lb capacity. There are handles on either side, also made from plumbing pipe.

The build took me and a friend the better part of the afternoon, however we designed the door a few days before hand, so the whole process probably took a full weekend. Once it was up and working, my wife painted it, and then we added the handles. I did have to move some surround sound speakers that were on the back wall and move them onto the ceiling, you can see a hole I cut in the ceiling to find the wires in one of the images below.

It’s a massive door for our small family room, but it is a nice element for the room, which can now be closed off from the kitchen. It’s too big to fit out any of the doors in our house, so its certainly a permanent part of our home.

Barn Doo IMG_1633 IMG_1607

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