While I have helped many people work out business cards and logos, two standout as being meaningful.

The first was when I was asked to contribute my design experience and create a logo for a local Breast Cancer advocacy group in Arizona. The name of the group is Bosom Buddies of Arizona, and you can find their website here. They continue to use the logo I worked with them to develop, and was even recognized for my efforts at a luncheon held at the famous Wrigley Mansion here in Phoenix. It was a lot of work, but a good volunteering project. I still see their advertisements all over the city, and it always makes me feel good.

The second logo I helped create was for a plastering business, located in Mesa, Arizona. The company, called Design Plastering, had never had any official branding done, so this was a good opportunity to really create something new. I worked closely with the office manager, Erin, and we eventually developed a branding strategy, and came up with stationary and business cards. I still get requests to create new business cards for this company, and it is always nice to see that they are still using my work.

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