Mulloy Remodel

Always willing to help a friend in need, I helped design and draw up plans for a very small remodel for a good friend of mine. There was a small outside space that he and his wife were interested in containing as part of the living/dining/family room area. This is a common type of remodel for many mid century ranch style residences found in Phoenix, Arizona. As of 3/15/2016, construction documents are still awaiting approval from the city, but things should be moving forward soon.

Update 6/15/16

After putting all the work into this project and getting permits from the city, the client decided to go ahead and buy a new house instead of updating their current home. Can’t blame them, it definitely makes financial sense. The experience of putting this drawing set together was a good way for me to rekindle my architecture skills, as I’ve been teaching. Also, I just missed out on using my recent licensed architect stamp on this project – a few days too late!


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