A little over a week to go for a new deadline on documents for a residential hall. It’s not very much work, just need to make sure everything is coordinated. It’s actually a nice little lull in work at the moment, as I’m between a few projects starting and stopping. Got a haircut today, walked to the North End and went to Boston Barbers. I like going in the back entrance to the second floor, less busy. Walked right in and sat down immediately. The speed at which these guys work is mesmerizing, and the best part of the cut for me is the straight razor on the back of the neck, followied by alcohol, then talc. It feels great.

After work I went to the Asylum to work my desk shift. We trained a Newkie, new Deskie, and talked to people about the new bylaws vote that is ongoing. I voted yes, but there are a lot of people who are voting no on the measure. Not sure what either outcome will bring for the Asylum. Arrived home around 10:30pm, another very long day. Had a quick dinner and went to bed.

Over the Hill?

It’s been a bit busy for me the last few weeks, so I’ve missed writing a weekly report. A lot has happened, travel, job interviews, sick dogs, and losing baseball teams. I’m currently sitting in the public area at Artisan’s Asylum waiting for my OnShape class to begin, and since I am here early, its a good time to write out some notes on my new life in Boston.

Adam introduced me to a new acquaintance, Dan, who plays soccer. Dan invited me to join his Over The Hill team, Needham United. I went out and watched them play one game, and liked the guys on the team. In fact, two of them play on my Maccabi team, Brian and Lee. The team seemed like a good fit for me, and I was playing with them the following week in a game just outside of Providence. We lost 5-3 to a Portuguese team, but it was a lot of fun, and the games are quite competitive. Looking forward to continuing with this team. Additionally, I got to spend some time with my parents, and even share a little whiskey with my dad.

Special Woodford Reserve

On the job front, I had two interviews last week which I was really looking forward to; Stantec and CBT. Last Tuesday I met Jill Rothenberg and Matt Roberts of Stantec in South Boston. We met for just over an hour, and both of them were extremely nice, and seemed sincerely interested in learning about me. After a long chat, Jill showed me around the office, which has great views towards the city showcasing many of their projects. I received an email from them yesterday asking for me to submit an application online, so hopefully that will make its way through the proper channels and I’ll be invited back for another interview.

In addition to Stantec, I also met with David Nagahiro from CBT. David spent quite a bit of time with me, learning about my background, and gave me a wonderful tour of the CBT office. I really was impressed wth the office, the amount of models, both working and final production, was spectacular. There was a definite feeling of design happening in their space. Add to that they also had a nicely equipped fabrication lab with 3D printers and laser cutters. Obviously, that kind of stuff always wins my heart. I’ve just received an email while typing this out for a second interview with CBT – hopefully what will happen sometime next week.

We also tried out some good eats, as Ashleigh and I headed to Chinatown and had a light lunch at the Gourmet Dumpling House. We had some delicious pork and leek dumplings, and I really loved the Dumplings with Hot Juice – so good.

Juicy Pork Dumplings. 

Over the weekend I was back in Arizona playing in the Columbus Cup with the +35 Maccabi team. This team has a lot of talented players and it was a real treat to be on the field with such a great group of guys. We played 5 games (should have been 6, but one team forfeited) and lost in the final of the tournament 2-0 to a very good team from LA. Next up for our team is a tournament in Vegas in January, I’m looking forward to being back together with the group – really first rate guys.

Lastly, the Sox dropped 3 straight games to the Indians to put an end to their season. I only mention this because I’ve begun rooting for them because of Adam. I think he is a but disappointed, but there is always next year.

Lastly, lastly, I bought a hat. Pork Pie! Yes, I’ve been wearing the hat to my interviews, which is certainly responsible for my success so far.

Pork Pie Hat

Well, it’s time for me to go and teach class.

And there goes the summer…

A bit of a quiet week for us in Boston, although quite busy for most others with the Labor Day Holiday signaling the end of summer. I started the week back at the Artisan’s Asylum meeting with their courses director to get my new class scheduled and on the books. I will be teaching an Introduction to Onshape class – here is a direct link. Pretty excited about the new class, and look forward to teaching it when it begins in a few weeks.

Following the vein of learning and teaching, I’ve just started an edX class titled MITx:16.00x: Introduction to Aerospace Engineering: Aeronautics and Human Spaceflight. This is the online version of an actual class taught at MIT by former Astronaut Jeff Hoffman. The online class is free from edX, and I’m pretty excited to be able to take this course.

I’m making another hard push to find work at an architecture firm, having spent most of the Labor Day Holiday brushing up my cover letter and resume. My friends Olga and Dan are going to make introductions to some new firms this week, and I am eager to get some traction with one or more of the firms we have discussed. Hopefully I will have more about this to discuss next week.

Some beds you never outgrow.

Ashleigh and I spent Friday in Manhattan. We took Amtrak from South Station in Boston to New York Penn Station. The trip is quite pleasant, only a few hours with nice big seats and free wifi. I was able to get some work done on the way over while Ashleigh read. We spent the day walking around Central Park; it was quite a gorgeous summer afternoon in the city. For lunch we headed to one of my favorite Manhattan establishments, the Oyster Bar at Grand Central Station. I love sitting at the counter eating oysters and having a nice cold beer. Always perfect. We ended the day with haircuts from our good friend, Kirin, who works at Rudy’s Barber on 29th St – not far from Penn Station. Kirin used to cut our hair in Phoenix, so it was nice to get one last haircut from her while we were in town.

Ash in Central Park

We ventured out into Boston on Saturday evening, having cocktails at The Last Hurrah before enjoying some appetizers at Ward 8 in the North End. Ward 8 had some delicious Pork Buns and Cheesesteak Dumplings. We then headed to 4 Winds for a nightcap before returning home for the evening.

I love the Grand Central Oyster Bar.

The rest of the weekend was spent at home being lazy. We are traveling again this week, heading to Chicago for the wedding of our good friends Chris and Jackie. Looking forward to seeing them and enjoying Chicago for the weekend.

A legal resident of Boston

On Friday I, and my car, became legal residents of Massachusetts. The process is fairly easy. You fill out some forms online, print those forms, and take them, along with forms of identity, you car title, and proof of address to the RMV and hope you get Arlene. Arlene works at the Watertown RMV and she is a dream. She made the process tolerable, and was patient when I fumbled with my paperwork. There needs to be more people in the world like Arlene. After everything was said and done I was registered to vote in Massachusetts, had new license plates, and a temporary ID (the real one comes in the mail in 7-10 days).

That evening we met up with Ashleigh’s cousin Lauren and her husband Todd to have dinner with Nader Tehrani, and several people from his office. We ate at Molana in Watertown, which is a Persian restaurant. The food was excellent, and we listened to many of the dinner guests talk about living in Iran, both pre and post revolution. Such interesting stories!

We spent Saturday in Boston proper, deciding to sit outside and enjoy the nice streak of weather we are having. Craving some seafood, we headed to the Seaport District to The Barking Crab. The Barking Crab is certainly much more of a tourist jaunt then we would normally frequent, but the ability to sit outside, drink some beers, and eat crustaceans was too much for us to avoid. While I’d probably not return, it was a pleasant afternoon, and we really enjoyed the atmosphere.

Later that afternoon, we headed to my friend Adam’s house to meet up with a former classmate, Tim, and go to Fenway Park for the Zac Brown Band concert. Again, you probably would not find me at a Zac Brown Band concert ever again, unless the following variables were fullfilled. First, if the concert was at Fenway Park. Check. Second, we had access to several suites, each with food and full bar. Third, you are with great friends whom you don’t often see. Check. We really had a great time, and Adam even took us to some 2nd row seats for a few songs. Pretty amazing.

Last Tuesday I headed back to Boston Makers for their volunteer meeting. It was another chance to meet some new people, and begin the process of getting involved in some local activities. The only downside is I tend to get home pretty late, as Boston Makers is located in Jamaica Plain, and it takes about an hour by public tranportation to get their from Lexington.

Tomorrow I will head to Sommerville to attend the Artisan’s Asylum teacher meeting. I sent in an application to teach 3D modeling using OnShape and was accepted. I think there will be some very interesting people at the Asylum, and I am looking forward to making some new contacts.

Lastly, I’ve got my 3D printing work station up and running in the basement. Some improvisation was needed as a filament holder, but so far so good. I am currently experimenting with some prints to create a front license plate holder. Since my car was purchased in Arizona where front plates are not necessary, it did not come with a method to attach a front license plate. Massachusetts does require front plates, so instead of drilling holes in my bumper I am working on attaching the plate to the bottom grille. Should not be too difficult.