With our DD deadline complete last Friday, I refocused my work on a residence hall at Babson College. We are not the prime on this job, its a design build, so we are helping the contractor, Shawmut. It is gray and rainy here today, but there is something nice about those kind of days. We continued to look for flights to Europe this summer, but have not settled on anything yet, although we are now looking at options via Norwegian Airlines. Their Premium cabin is not very expensive, so hopefully we can find something that works, and will get us to Krakow in time for the wedding. Homemade Szechuan chicken again tonight…so good.

Szechuan Chicken!

Today I continued work on a new project, well at least new to me. Still helping a team here get DD documents done by the end of the week. I get a daily email from Instructables that highlights interesting projects, and noticed an ‘ible for making Szechuan chicken. I’ve been interested in learning how to make this dish, which I first had at the Szechuan Palace at the Chinese Cultural Center in Phoenix, AZ. It’s like crispy, spicy, chicken, but the most notable flavor/sensation is the tongue numbing feeling this dish provides. Turns out this is due to the use of Szechuan Peppercorns. At lunch today I took the Orange Line over to Chinatown and stopped at the Jia Ho Supermarket and picked up some of that magical spice, along with some other ingredients. I was skeptical I would be able to recreate that dish, but the Instructable was spot on, and it came out nearly identical to what I remember ordering. A definite new addition to my rotation.

It is supposed to snow tomorrow, and my good friend Scott Weiss will be in town visiting. He will stay with us tomorrow night and hopefully join for our weekly pilgrammage to Santarpio’s!