Today I awoke early for an 8am flight lesson at Norwood. I had a new instructor, Jake, and we began a full lesson of pattern work – making sure I know how to fly in the pattern and teaching me how to land the airplane. I got the hang of the pattern fairly quickly, but landing is a different animal. The last 10 feet is what gives me trouble, but hopefully with enough practice I will feel comfortable. Bounced off the runway a few times today, but made at least 1 good landing.

Took a tun once I came home from flying, and then Ash and I headed to Kelly’s Square Pub to watch throwball – Jags v Patriots. Probably the first full game I’ve seen in several years; don’t think I’m missing much. Ended our evening early at home to get ready for the work week. Hoping to hear some good news soon.


Day to Day

Not much to mention for today. Spent a good portion of the work day going over architecture sheets and looking for minor mistakes to correct before our deadline – mispellings, covered dimensions, etc. Fairly unexciting. A bit strange as I’ve been asked to help out a team that has been working on this project for some time, hard for me to understand much about the project, and so am relegated to some fairly menial tasks. No matter, happy to help in any capacity.

I came home and uploaded the full length video of my last flight lesson in super fast mode. It’s fun to watch an hour or so flight in just a few minutes. Should be linked in below.